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Townsville Danger and Warnings

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Personal Security, Dangers and Warnings in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Townsville is a beautiful city located in the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is a popular tourist destination with many attractions, but visitors and residents alike should be aware of certain security risks and potential dangers:


Like any city in the world, Townsville is not immune to crime. It is important to take precautions such as:

  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Keep valuables such as phones and wallets out of sight when in public places
  • Lock doors and windows when leaving your home or car
  • Be aware of surroundings and any suspicious activity

If you witness a crime or are a victim of a crime, it is important to report it to the police. The Queensland Police Service provides information on how to report a crime on their website: https://www.police.qld.gov.au/reporting/


As Townsville is located in a tropical climate, there are many unique wildlife species in the area. While they can be fascinating to observe, they can also pose a danger:

  • Crocodiles are found in some waterways and should never be approached
  • Box jellyfish and other dangerous marine creatures can be present in the ocean
  • Snakes, spiders and other venomous creatures can be found in the bush and other areas

The Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Energy provides guidelines on how to avoid and respond to encounters with wildlife: https://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/invasive-species/publications/factsheet

Natural Disasters

Townsville is prone to natural disasters such as tropical cyclones and floods. It is important to stay informed and prepared:

  • Monitor the Bureau of Meteorology website for weather alerts and warnings: http://www.bom.gov.au/
  • Have an emergency plan and emergency kit ready in case of a disaster
  • Follow the advice of emergency services and evacuate if necessary

The Queensland Government provides information on how to stay safe during a natural disaster on their website: https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety

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