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Townsville Eco Green

In recent years, the importance of protecting the environment has become increasingly crucial, and many businesses in the town of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, have recognised the need to contribute to eco-green initiatives. This article highlights some of the local businesses and the benefits they bring towards environmental sustainability.

1) Eco Barge Clean Seas

Eco Barge Clean Seas is a community-based organisation dedicated to keeping the waters around the Whitsunday Islands free from marine debris. This group of volunteers regularly organises clean-up events, removing harmful marine debris and monitoring the effects of debris on marine wildlife. Eco Barge Clean Seas has helped to clear over 200 tonnes of debris from the Whitsunday Islands since it started in 2009.

The organization has several benefits, including:

- Environmental protection: By removing debris from the water, Eco Barge Clean Seas preserves the pristine natural beauty of the Whitsunday Islands.
- Preservation of marine life: The organisation's efforts protect marine animals and their habitats from harm due to plastic debris.
- Community involvement: The group encourages community members to take part in its activities, fostering a sense of responsibility and community pride for the environment.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0438 982 349

2) What A Load Of Rubbish

What A Load Of Rubbish (WALOR) is a local recycling company. They offer a range of services, including recycling solid waste, soft plastics, and e-waste. Additionally, WALOR provides educational workshops on waste reduction best practices.

Some of the benefits of WALOR are:

- Reducing landfill waste: WALOR's services minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which reduces the environmental impact and extends the life of landfill sites.
- Increased recycling: By offering waste recycling services, WALOR ensures that materials that can be reused are processed and reused, reducing the need for new materials.
- Education: WALOR's workshops on waste reduction best practices provide the community with knowledge and skills to reduce waste and engage in sustainable behaviours.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4789 3492

3) Cafe Nourish

Cafe Nourish is a local restaurant that offers a variety of delicious, healthy, and locally-sourced food. This restaurant prioritizes fresh, seasonal produce and environmentally-conscious food production.

Some of the benefits of Cafe Nourish are:

- Sustainable food production: The restaurant sources food from local farmers, reducing the environmental impact of transporting food long distances.
- Eco-friendly packaging: Cafe Nourish uses compostable packaging, eliminating waste that would otherwise take years to decompose.
- Consumer education: The restaurant educates its customers on sustainable food choices, inspiring change in people's eating habits and attitudes towards food.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4781 9922

4) The BeeKeeper

The BeeKeeper is a local business that aims to protect and increase bee populations through education, training, and sustainable beekeeping practices. It also sells raw honey and beeswax products, which are both sustainably produced.

Here are some benefits of The BeeKeeper:

- Promoting pollination: Bees are essential pollinators. Sustainable beekeeping practices protect bees and promote pollination, which helps to improve the environment and produce more food.
- Education: The BeeKeeper offers training courses, raising awareness about the importance of bees to the environment and how to keep bees sustainably.
- Sustainably produced honey: The BeeKeeper only produces honey using sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes, preserving the environment and supporting the local community.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0422 123 456

5) JCU Sustainability

JCU Sustainability is a division of James Cook University that is committed to promoting sustainability practices within the university and the wider community. They provide education, research, and outreach services to further sustainability initiatives.

Here are some benefits of JCU Sustainability:

- Environmental awareness: JCU Sustainability raises awareness about the environmental impact generated by James Cook University and promotes sustainable practices both within the university and in the wider community.
- Research: JCU Sustainability also facilitates research projects that look at sustainable practices and identify new methods to increase sustainability.
- Community outreach: JCU Sustainability engages with the community through education and outreach programs in schools and local events, advocating for sustainability in everyday life.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4781 2345


several businesses in Townsville, Queensland, are making significant contributions to environmental conservation and sustainability. These companies' efforts benefit different aspects of environmental stewardship, including protection of marine life, waste reduction, sustainable food production, bee conservation, and education. We hope that these local businesses inspire others to engage in sustainable practices and work towards environmental protection.

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